WK-09 - Multivariate analyses

Learn how to use unconstrained multivariate analyses!

Workshop 9: Multivariate analyses in R

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of multivariate analyses that will allow you to reveal patterns in your community composition data.

You will first learn to choose appropriate distance metrics and transformations to then perform various multivariate analyses: clustering analysis, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCoA) and Non-Metric MultiDimensional Scaling (NMDS).


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This workshop was originally developed by Bérenger Bourgeois, Xavier Giroux-Bougard, Amanda Winegardner, Emmanuelle Chrétien and Monica Granados. Material in the R script was originally derived from Borcard, Gillet & Legendre (2011). Numerical Ecology with R. Springer New York.

Since 2014, several QCBS members contributed to consistently and collaboratively develop and update this workshop, as part of the Learning and Development Award from the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science. They were:

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Pedro Henrique P. Braga Gabriel Muñoz Monica Granados
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