How to get involved in the QCBS R Workshop Series

Learning & development

The QCBS R Workshop Series provides a venue for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to improve their teaching and learning abilities through the instruction and the development of statistical and programming workshops. We immensely value the contributions provided to the series, and we rely on the QCBS community’s engagement to constantly improve our workshops. To encourage community contributions, we keep our workshops openly accessible, reproducible, and encourage collaboration between contributors.

The QCBS offers Learning and Development Awards (LeaDA) to support graduates student and post-doctoral QCBS members who instruct or develop workshops. We also welcome voluntary community feedback to keep the workshops up to date and as helpful as possible!

For more information about contributing:
View our Protocol for Presenters and Developers

Open access

All workshops materials are open and accessible year-round


We use version control on all workshop materials to ensure reproducibility


All workshop content is developed collaboratively according to community feedback

Want to contribute to the series?

This series is an ever-evolving project that is made possible by the engagement of an enthusiastic community of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. If you would like to join this community and improve your teaching and learning abilities, please get in touch with us about instructing and/or developing the QCBS R Workshop Series.

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