WK-08 - Generalized additive models

Using GAMs to model non-linear relationships!

Workshop 8: Generalized additive models in R

The goal of this workshop will be to first examine what is a non-linear model, and how Generalized Additive Models (GAM) allow us to handle non-linear relationships.

We will also go over how to plot and interpret these non-linear relationships, how to include interaction terms, autocorrelated errors and expand on previous workshop by briefly examining a mixed modeling framework.

We will also briefly touch upon what GAM are doing behind the scenes.


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This workshop was originally developed by Eric Pedersen and Zofia Taranu, and originally revised in French by Cédric Frenette Dussault.

Since 2014, several QCBS members contributed to consistently and collaboratively develop and update this workshop, as part of the Learning and Development Award from the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science. They were:

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Daniel Schoenig (more to come) Eric Pedersen
Laurie Maynard Zofia Taranu
Marie-Hélène Brice Cédric Frenette Dussault
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Esteban Gongora
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