WK-07 - Linear and generalized linear mixed models

Learn how to work with random and fixed effects using LMM and GLMM!

Workshop 7: Linear and generalized linear mixed models (LMM and GLMM) in R

Mixed effects models allow ecologists to overcome a number of limitations associated with traditional linear models.

In this workshop, you will learn when it is important to use a mixed effects model to analyze your data.

We will walk you through the steps to conduct a linear mixed model analysis, check its assumptions, report results, and visually represent your model in R.


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This workshop was originally developed by Catherine Baltazar, Dalal Hanna, Jacob Ziegler. Content about GLMMs was developed by Cédric Frenette Dussault, Vincent Fugère, Thomas Lamy, Zofia Taranu.

Since 2014, several QCBS members contributed to consistently and collaboratively develop and update this workshop, as part of the Learning and Development Award from the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science. They were:

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Maxime Fraser Franco Nicolas Pinceloup Catherine Baltazar
Hassen Allegue Marie Hélène Brice Dalal Hanna
Linley Sherin Jacob Ziegler
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Katherine Hébert Vincent Fugère
Kevin Cazelles Thomas Lamy
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