WK-01 - Introduction to R

If you are new to R, this is your start point.

Workshop 1: Introduction to R

In this introductory R Workshop you will learn what R open-source statistical software is, why you should absolutely start using it, and all the first steps to help you get started in R.

We will show you how R can act as a calculator, teach you about the various types of objects in R, show you how to use functions and load packages, and find all the resources you need to get help.


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This workshop was originally developed by Sylvain Christin, Cédric Frenette Dussault, and Dalal Hanna.

Since 2014, several QCBS members contributed to consistently and collaboratively develop and update this workshop, as part of the Learning and Development Award from the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science. They were:

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