The QCBS R Workshops for 2022-2023 were offered remotely in English and French. When we took over the reins at the beginning of fall 2022, our coordinating team of Antoine Caron-Guay (UdeM), Clara Casabona Amat (UdeS) and Paola Lisset Galloso Sanchez (UdeM) committed to ensuring the continuity and smooth running of these workshops. We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to the former team for their hard work, ensuring the quality of the material while respecting the principles of reproducibility, and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, whatever their origin or identity.

Over 80 people took part in the workshops, benefiting from the dedication and hard work of the 15 presenters who provided an enriching learning experience. Minor corrections were made to the fall workshops by our team, and major improvements were made to the winter workshops with the invaluable help of the developers. We received positive feedback from participants on the skills of the instructors and the quality of the material. The practice of R code and the time devoted to concrete biology-related exercises were particularly appreciated. Specific suggestions were made to optimize the distribution of time between theory and practice, underlining the importance of the right balance for better understanding. Continuous improvement of our workshops to meet needs while maintaining up-to-date content remains at the heart of our objectives.

The R symposium, originally scheduled for June 2023, has been canceled due to a lack of workshop proposals. While this situation remains disappointing, we are continuing our efforts to ensure a structured framework conducive to discussion and the exchange of ideas with a view to organizing the next colloquium.

We would like to thank our entire instruction and development team for their commitment and valuable contribution to 2022-2023: Marc-Olivier Beausoleil (McGill), Pedro Henrique P. Braga (Concordia), Anna Crofts (UdeS), Simon Morvan (UdeM), Clara Casabona (UdeS), Simon Laurin-Lemay (Carleton University), Sylvain Christin (UMoncton), Théophile Kabasele Walelu (UdeM), Sara Correa Garcia (INRS), Madelaine Anderson (UdeS), Mathieu Videlier (UQAM), Elene Haave Audet (UQAM), Morgane Henry (McGill), Maxime Fraser Franco (UQAM), Noah Wightman (McGill), Ariane Roberge (UdeM).

Thank you all for a wonderful year of collaboration and sharing in the QCBS R workshop series.

The QCBS R workshop series coordinating team