Touchdown your research!

by Steve Vissault and Marie-Hélène Brice

Project Details

  • Language :
  • Material required :
    R and RStudio
  • Instructed :
    R Symposium 2019
  • Contributed by :
    Steve Vissault and Marie-Hélène Brice

Touchdown your research!

Publication per peer-review process is made by and for scientists. It is also a slow and closed communication channel, limiting our ability to efficiently reach a broader audience within and outside academia. Here comes Rmarkdown! Rmarkdown is the association of R and a light markup language called markdown. Through this workshop, we will learn how to use Rmarkdown and to generate HTML documents that can be turned into blogs, notebooks, posters, documentations. We will then learn how to deploy those HTML documents on Github (free of charge!) in order to expose insightful ideas, new methods or personal skills and transform the web into your own extra Curriculum vitae.

Workshop material

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